Research Notes

From Balloons to Drones is an online scholarly platform that seeks to provide analysis and debate about air power history, theory, and current operations in their broadest sense, including space and cyber power.

From Balloons to Drones publishes research notes related to contributors’ current research projects. These form more informal pieces and can be a discussion of a source or a note on a recent research theme. These should be c.500 to 1,000 words.

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List of Research Notes

  1. Luke, ‘#ResearchNote – The Royal Cyber Force.’
  2. Alexander Fitzgerald-Black, ‘#ResearchNote – Operation HUSKY’s Air Battle by the Numbers.’
  3. Michael Hankins, ‘#ResearchNote – A Different Kind of Shooting: A Photo-Recon Pilot’s Life in 1944.’
  4. Brian Laslie, ‘#ResearchNote – The Forgotten Command: Air Defense Command and the Defense of North America.’
  5. Brian Laslie, ‘#ResearchNote – Redefining the Modern Military: An Airman’s Perspective.’
  6. Ross Mahoney, ‘#ResearchNote – Air Power and the Challenge of Professional Military Education.’
  7. Ross Mahoney, ‘#ResearchNote – Air Power in the Next Generation.’
  8. Ross Mahoney, ‘#ResearchNote – An Isomorphic Culture: The RAF and the RAAF.’
  9. Ross Mahoney, ‘#ResearchNote – J.M. Spaight after the Second World War.’
  10. Ross Mahoney, ‘#ResearchNote – RAF Centre for Air Power Studies Interviews.’
  11. Ross Mahoney, ‘#ResearchNote – The RAF Staff College and ‘Learning’ from the French.’
  12. Ross Mahoney, ‘#ResearchNote – Wither Air Power Studies?.’