From Balloons to Drones is an online scholarly platform that seeks to provide analysis and debate about air power history, theory, and current operations in their broadest sense, including space and cyber power.

From Balloons to Drones publishes informative peer-reviewed articles on air power ranging from historical pieces to current challenges. These well-researched articles should attempt to bridge a gap between the specialist and the non-specialist reader. They should be around c.3,000 to 4,000 words, though From Balloons to Drones will accept larger pieces, and we reserve the right to publish them in parts.

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  1. André Adamson and Matthew Snyder, ‘The Challenges of Fifth-Generation Transformation.’
  2. Rodney Barton, ‘Tactical Reconnaissance Redux? The Requirement for Airborne Tactical Reconnaissance in #HighIntensityWar.’
  3. Bradley Galka, ‘SPACE FORCE: The Militarisation of United States Space Policy from Eisenhower to Trump.’
  4. Michele Haapamaki, ‘The Aero Club Which Never Was: Gentlemanly Aeronauts versus The New Breed.’
  5. Michael Hankins, ‘Who Ruined the F-16? The Fighter Mafia’s Battle against the United States Air Force.’
  6. Peter Layton, ‘The Rise of Armed Unmanned Aircraft – Part One.’
  7. Peter Layton, ‘The Rise of Armed Unmanned Aircraft – Part Two.’
  8. Chris McInnes, ‘The Champion Team to Fight and Win #highintensitywar: The Case for Australian Expeditionary Air Wings.’
  9. Ross Mahoney, ‘The Role of History in Educating Air Power Strategists.’
  10. Ross Mahoney, ‘Unpacking the Black Box: Air Force Culture and #HighIntensityWar.’
  11. Guy Plopsky, ‘The Kh-101 and Syria: Maturing the Long-Range Precision-Strike Capabilities of Russia’s Aerospace Forces.’
  12. David Richardson, ‘Society and #highintensitywar.’
  13. Jeff Schultz, ‘Supporting the Secret War: T-28s over Laos, 1964-1973 – Part 1: Training.’
  14. Jeff Schultz, ‘Supporting the Secret War: T-28s over Laos, 1964-1973 – Part 2: Attack Role.’
  15. Jeff Schultz, ‘Supporting the Secret War: T-28s over Laos, 1964-1973 – Part 3: Other Roles and Conclusion.’
  16. Ian Shields, ‘What does Time and Space mean for the Airman?.’
  17. Michael Spencer, ‘The Downfall of the Red Baron: Lessons Learned from the First World War ‘Ace of Aces.’
  18. Heather Venable, ‘The Strategic Triangle: The Air Corps Tactical School and Its Vision of Future Warfare.’
  19. Kenton White, ‘The Air Defence of the UK: Defence on a Shoestring in an Age of Uncertainty.’
  20. Andy Zhao and Justin Pyke, ‘Unseating the Lancer: North Korean Challenges in Intercepting a B-1B.’